Thursday, September 17, 2015

Calling All FootBall Widows

Are you a Football Widow like me?

It is that time of year again ladies and yes, I am once again a Football Widow.

Every fall my husband has the TV running non stop with every football game he can find. I am a seasonal Football Widow taking a back seat during the games. It drives me absolutely batty to have these games on TV constantly. Hours and hours of what looks like to me, the same thing repeated over and over. I told my husband, it is like one long football game that lasts for several months and the guys just change clothes to wear different color uniforms.

I don't see how they can enjoy it, it seems so repetitive. But he told me it is a man's soap opera. There are different characters and drama and you have to pay attention. No thanks, I am not buying that.

And even though he walks out of the room or falls asleep on the couch, I dare not change the channel, I get the "Hey! I was watching that! Turn it back on!"

I love my husband dearly but not his football. I cheer when the Superbowl is over. Not because someone great won, but because it marks the end of the season until the fall. Life gets back to normal without the blaring sound of the game echoing through the house and out into the garage.

So now I will wear my Football Widow T-shirt in protest, and along with my fellow Football Widow sisters around the country, count the days on the calendar until life returns to normal....without football.